Video Teleconferencing

Jaymarc AV designs, provides and installs complete Video Teleconferencing Systems from the ground up, completely integrated with your unique room. We take special care in selecting the right equipment to meet your needs in consideration of how easy it is to use, and display types sized for the room.
In addition to a comprehensive design of the electronic system, we take an integrated approach to the whole space, looking at lighting, aesthetics, IT infrastructure and usability.

Multimedia AV Systems

Jaymarc AV specializes in sophisticated multimedia presentation installed systems that have multiple input types and require audio and video distribution. Each multimedia audio and video system we design begins with gathering information so that we have a clear understanding of the end users intended purpose and needs. We then proceed in designing even the most complex systems in a format that is easy to use and understand.”

Sound Reinforcement

Sound reinforcement is physics and as such uses scientific principles to achieve the desired result. Good sound system design takes into account not only the speakers and electronics but also existing room acoustics, clarity of speech, and usage of system. At Jaymarc AV, we take all these factors into consideration and look at the space as a whole. We utilize the latest tools, such as EASE software, to model your venue and preview speakers in advance for a guaranteed result. By analyzing at the space as a whole we can provide accurate data on the frequency response, clarity of the system and the sound pressure level at every seat. We also put this in writing as a minimum guarantee of performance. Our design staff has over twenty five years of experience in designing and installing high performance sound systems in all types of venues.


Sound Masking

What is sound masking? Sound masking is the “cover” portion of a complete optimal acoustic environment. It is the addition of an unobtrusive background sound, similar to airflow, to reduce the intelligibility of human speech and reduce distractions. The resulting environment leads to greater productivity, performance, increased privacy and comfort. There are many studies over the years that illustrate the effectiveness of sound masking systems in the work environment. Jaymarc AV considers all aspects of the effective acoustical workplace, including heights of partitions or walls, types and heights of ceilings and the design in the installation of a professional masking system.
Sound Masking

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is information provided over video screens. Today we see Digital Signage solutions heavily used in the hospitality, service, finance, health care and education markets, just to name a few. Static print advertising and informational boards can’t compete with the visual impact digital signage makes. It allows you to customize information easily and reliably to a single display, or many displays, across an entire network.

Space Needle Ticket Counter Screens

Emergency Response Systems

Jaymarc AV was asked a few years ago by a specific fire district to design an alerting system using today’s technology that addresses the needs of today’s fire station. Out of that request we developed the F.A.S.T. System – Fire Alerting and Safety Technology System. This specialized fire station alerting system utilizes modern AV technology, such as touch panels, to alert the station in a zoned manner that is both flexible and programmable. This design has been so successful that we are now being asked to provide it for many districts across the United States.