Conference Room

In today’s ever changing workspace environment, effective audio and video teleconferencing collaboration tools and hardware are more critical than ever!  Whether you need a fully integrated unified communication room system or a smaller huddle space solution we offer solutions to match your preferred platform from various manufactures including: Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, etc.

Sound Reinforcement

Your message needs to be heard! Whether you’re attempting to reach 30, 300, or 3,000 individuals, Voice Lift & Sound Reinforcement amplifies your voice to every seat in the house.

Large Format Video Walls

A video wall is a large visualization surface consisting of multiple displays. Common applications include control (EOC) rooms, large meeting rooms, digital signage, and other demanding visual environments. Manage all of your video walls or displays together on the same video distribution network with either an HDbaseT or IPbaseT system that we’ll design to meet your needs.

School Intercoms

Facility-wide communication is essential in virtually every market. Whether it is a school, office, warehouse, or medical facility, we’ve worked with customers across the spectrum to achieve the system that’s right for them.


Large venue audio-visual systems can have a wide variety of sophisticated needs. We specialize in working closely with our customers to identify all of these needs and deliver an easy-to-use solution for their facility.

Assisted Listening and Hearing Loop Systems

Exceed ADA requirements and engage every member of your audience with wireless auditory assistance or translation support.

Emergency Response Systems

FAST stands for FIRE ALERTING SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY.  The FAST system is designed to provide Fire Stations with a station alerting system that signifies to the first responders that they are being dispatched by the local 911 center.  Our system includes Audio and Video alerts and has been endorsed by many fire fighter unions.

Looking to provide a multitude of effective visual information to your customers? Digital Signage may be the solution that’s right for you! Digital Signage has been providing businesses with infinite advertising flexibility for years, and it keeps getting better and better.

Nurse Call Paging

Jaymarc AV has provided Nurse Call systems for over 30 years. We offer everything from a simple Visual Only system, to a fully integrated Open Voice system. For Clinics, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals, we have a solution to best meet your needs.

Sound Masking

Is individual user focus frequently lost at your workplace because the office environment is too noisy, or perhaps you find it hard to get work done because your work space is too quiet, and any sudden noise is an interruption? Are sensitive conversations overheard? A sound masking system will help!