Assisted Listening and Hearing Loop Systems

Implementing an Assisted Listening Solution in your facility improves audience engagement by increasing the accessibility of your message and may be required by the ADA.  Over 5% of the world’s population has disabling hearing loss, making it difficult or impossible for traditional Sound Reinforcement systems to reach those patrons effectively. We provide solutions for every facility and audience type to improve the intelligibility of your message.

Whether you need cutting edge Inductive Hearing Loop (T-Coil) compatible solutions to transmit directly to your patron’s hearing aids, or if you are looking for traditional wireless receivers, our team has you covered.  Our manufacturer trained design team and technicians will make sure that your system is just right for your audience.

When your audience is diverse, your message should be as well.  Assisted Listening Solutions can be applied for multi-language translation applications in any venue.  Whether you have on-premise translators or a remote service, our multi-channel solutions can be integrated to provide native-language support to your diverse audience.

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