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Video walls consist of multiple displays that are put closely together. The objective is to make it seem as one large display surface, while minimizing the frame (or bezel) that surrounds the useful display surface of each individual display. Over time, new technologies were introduced to minimize the ‘dead pixel space’ between the different displays, and today’s display wall solutions are generally using tiled LCD panels, rear-projection cubes, or direct LED tiles. A video wall can provide either a large canvas that utilizes all displays in the video wall to display one image or can be used to show separate images (or sources) on each individual display in the video wall (i.e. Emergency Operation Centers).

Whether you’re using video walls, single displays, or projectors in your facility, a video distribution system will allow you to leverage the most functionality out of your video display system. A video distribution system essentially allows you to take a source (or multiple sources) and transmit to a display (or multiple displays). This is often implemented along side a user control system to allow for ease of access in switching sources and display destinations.

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