Emergency Response Systems

FAST stands for FIRE ALERTING SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGY.  The FAST system is designed to provide Fire Stations with an alerting system that is both audible and visual.  The system is designed to interface with most existing CAD systems and/or RF transmission systems.  The intent of the FAST system is to provide alerts, everywhere in the station, such that when first responders are summoned, they will know exactly who is currently being dispatched while being certain not to dispatch unrequired individuals.

In a standard operating system, there are two separate modes: Daytime and Nighttime. During the daytime mode, the entire station is active and no matter where you are within the station, notifications will be received.  In the Nighttime mode, only those dormitory rooms that are registered for a particular call code will be awoken during an emergency dispatch.

NIGHTTIME MODE: During the nighttime mode, the dormitory room occupant will selectively choose which alerts they are scheduled to receive, i.e., if the occupant is a MEDIC, and they only respond to calls for MEDIC, they would select “MEDIC” on the wall control panel.  When a call comes in during the evening, their room is illuminated with a Red LED Light, along with audio to alert them that they are being dispatched.  At the same time, the ENGINE and other apparatus will remain unencumbered by the incoming dispatch call.

System Components:

  • Audio Speakers: We use only high-quality speakers with fantastic articulation. We do not use low quality industrial paging speakers.
  • Strobes: In selected areas, where the occupants can be easily distracted or the noise level is high, we add a STROBE that activates at the same time as a call comes in.
  • Multi-Unit Indicator: Since there are several apparatuses within the fire station, we have a multi-color indicator that illuminates with the specified apparatus color, i.e., if “MEDIC” is dispatched the Red LED light will illuminate. These units can be placed strategically within the fire station for easy viewing.
  • Dormitory Lights: We provide a low impact Red LED light fixture in the dorm rooms. These are activated during the nighttime mode when a dispatch is made. The Red LED Light has been proven to be less impactful to the occupant’s eyes, when awoken.  These lights can also be used to light a pathway to the Apparatus Bay.
  • System Triggers: We include in our system the ability to turn off gas to appliances, and barbecues when a dispatch is received. Our system triggers can also turn on/off designated lights, trigger a facility lock down, open the apparatus doors, or most anything that needs to be done on every dispatch call received.
  • Volume Controls: Any room needing individualized volume control, can be programmed to provide for Maximum and Minimum volume levels, thus never eliminating an actual dispatch call over the speakers. This is a custom feature that is included with all systems and can be set up to meet your needs.
  • Automatic Gain Control: There are several areas in a fire station that do not have the same ambient audio level all day long. Rooms, such as the kitchen, will have an ambient noise sensor installed that tells the system loudspeaker to increase in volume when the ambient noise level is high, and stay at normal/reduced level when the ambient noise level is less.  The Automatic Gain Control microphones can be placed in as many locations as desired.

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